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January 2019 Chapter Meeting

  • Anthonys 105 Canal Street, Malden, MA USA (map)

Flynn-Reynolds; Greg Reynolds

American Conduit

Labor savings by using Aluminum EMT by American Conduit.



In today’s workplace, meetings rarely take place without at least one type of electronic device being involved. But when electrical outlets are limited and demand is high, people just want to find a way to plug in their devices and they don’t stop to think about safety. As a result, meeting rooms are often cluttered with daisy chains of extension cords and power strips, forming trip hazards and running the risk of overloading circuits. But with an update to the National Electrical Code (NEC), that all changes.


Until recently, the NEC only had rules regarding the placement of electrical outlets in residential homes, not meeting areas in commercial buildings. The 2017 update to NEC’s Section 210.71 requires meeting rooms 1,000 square feet or less have wall outlets (nonlocking type, 125-volt, 15 or 20 ampere) spaced in accordance with NEC 210.52(A)(1) through (4). Floor receptacles need to be no less than 6 feet from a fixed wall and there needs to be one receptacle for every 215 square feet of floor space in rooms that are at least 12 feet wide. If a meeting room is larger than 1,000 square feet but can be partitioned into smaller areas that are under 1,000 square feet, each partitioned area is required to meet these standards.


Keystone Technologies

T8 Tubes with anti-short circuit circuitry, preventing installers from getting hurt.

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