Hello Members and Associates,

Fall has arrived and with that the 2017 NEC is available!

Our next meeting is Wednesday October 19, 2016 this is a dinner meeting and will begin at 6pm. we again are at Anthonys 105 Canal St. Malden MA.

Please join us as our own Board Members, Bob McGann and Bruce Dempsey will present on the changes in the 2017 NEC. Both Bob and Bruce attended the Eastern Section meeting and will bring the latest information on the changes we will be facing in the 2017 code cycle. Come and hear the changes before most others know the book is out. Stay a step ahead.

I would ask that everyone keep Leo Martin Sr. in their thoughts, I learned today Leo is hospitalized.
I had the opportunity to see Leo at the Municipal Inspectors meeting on October 5,  
On behalf of the Paul Revere Chapter I want to wish Leo all the best.

Our meeting dates are filling up please visit the web page for more information www.paulrevereiaei.com

The following information was sent via Paul Kennedy, Paul spoke about a letter received regarding Box store delivery personal installing cords on dryer and ranges at last months meeting. Be aware out there!
That letter is attached and the following link is a related tragic result of unqualified personal leaving consumers homes unsafe. Also a recall on voltage detectors.
Attached is the letter that Paul’s fire prevention officer received from an employee of Lowes with concerns over improper wiring of ranges.
Also, as discussed, here is a link to the electrocution in Portsmouth of a plumber that was installing a dishwasher and came in contact with a recently installed cooking range that was improperly wired.
Here is a link to a recall I came across for Southwire Voltage Detectors.https://www.cpsc.gov/recalls/2016/southwire-recalls-voltage-detectors
I like to thank Paul and Bev for sharing information that they come across. Also on that note a Thanks goes out to the Cape and Islands, Charlie Palmieri for sharing the Eaton Bulletin

The Paul revere Chapter had a very respectful presence at the Eastern Section Meeting held in Springfield September 30- October 2nd, It is a pleasure to attend these meeting with such a large group of fellow members, it's anexperience I highly recommend to you all. We extend a grateful Thank you to the Western Mass Chapter as hosts and congratulate George Fournier outgoing Section President, job well done!

Congratulations are also due to Matt Piantedosi and his wife as they welcomed a daughter into the family on October 4th, Matt's last message to me was he was reading her a bedtime story from the 2017 NEC.

The September minutes are attached Thank you Rick D'Amato .

We hope you can join us on Wednesday and bring someone new, our strength relies on you our members.

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting,

If you having issues with the web page try deleting your cookies, we have received some feed back from a few people having similar issues. I have not experienced any issues myself, please let us know if you are.
John Sousa has updated the site and we are working on a few improvements, check it out!  

John Power
Paul Revere Chapter IAEI


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